Access to safe and clean water is a basic human right. We believe that everyone should be able to access it without any condition. That is why, our organization is working tirelessly in order to provide this basic necessity to every community that we come in contact with.

Who We Are:

We are a group of environmentalists, scientists, engineers, and people from other fields who believe in the same thrusts: clean and safe water should be for everyone. That is why, we use all of our collective skills and intelligence in order to promote the same thrusts that we have.

We are also continuously expanding our efforts not only in the academic community but also in other communities as well. We are working with thousands of volunteers globally in order to create more opportunities and awareness to our campaigns.

What We Do:

We are focused on two things: awareness and integration.

Awareness comes from our inherent drive to inform as many people as possible about serious problems and lack of access to clean and safe waters by a lot of communities worldwide. Through our information drive, we were able to raise funds to help them build wells, and water connection.

Integration is also one of our main thrusts. We work with communities and provide them access to safe and clean drinking water through our projects. And also through the help of our volunteers, we were able to build thousands of wells and water station globally.